Morocco Best for Surf Travel

Morocco best for surf travel it’s official according to the article in Surfline which says

‘Morocco’s coastline has the widest swell exposure in the North Atlantic, and right now (and the next couple months) is the best time to be there…

The first ten days of December should see a series of medium to occasionally large northwest swells and generally favorable conditions as the region is influenced by high pressure. By mid December, we should see activity slow down a bit as high pressure briefly strengthens and occupies much of the North Atlantic. A more active pattern, meaning larger surf, will then return for the latter part of the month.  Morocco is ideally situated to receive the best surf for all of these swells, with wind and weather conditions looking pretty favorable…

Meanwhile, the Western Sahara to the south is more of a wildcard. The swell window isn’t quite as open as Morocco’s, and the territory receives some blockage by the Canary Islands. However, with such a sparse population, this area is still somewhat unknown in terms of quantity and quality of surf. There are rumors that the place is holding, however, so if you feel like getting off the beaten path, this could be the adventure you’ve been dreaming of ever since you saw Raiders Of The Lost Arc for the first time.’

This month has been epic already, we couldn’t agree more.

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