Surfing the Sahara desert on Feruary 2019

Surfing The Sahara Desert on February 2019
It was a great pleasure to meet Dave and surf together on this tour to Dakhla/ his words and the great images i took on this surf tour made this experience everlasting! Abs
We left Agadir in the afternoon of a warm February first day. The Surf Forecast was predicting a week of large westerly swells so I was super exited about the prospects of surfing some of the lonely desert points that I’d read so much about. Abs said the forecast was perfect….
Our group was a great mix of 4 Euro frothers and me (an elderly Aussie sea dog).
Abs is an experienced and adept surf guide, and read the conditions to perfection. He managed to put us right on the spot for the whole trip, and managed to find waves to cover the range of surfing abilities in our group. We surfed 4 right-hand points over the week, ranging from down the line overhead freight-trains to a dreamy long walled, rolly leg-burner. We mostly surfed on our own, which made some of the sessions super memorable.
I loved being in the Sahara region. It’s well and truly off the beaten track, with very few travelers about, which meant the trip was a vivid cultural experience as well as a great surf adventure. 
Our accommodation was quite varied, including a couple of nights camping. The food was always tasty, especially the daily tagines, although there was no sign of the famed camel kebabs!
I’d rate this as an excellent surf trip – not luxurious at all, with lots and lots of driving. But Abs is offering a genuinely unique surf travel experience, something that is getting quite rare in our ever shrinking surfing world. 
 Dave Miller/ Australia