2020 Sahara Surf Dakhla latest surf tour

Dakhla surf tour 2020
sahara desert
Our latest Dakhla surf tour was one the most incredible surf tours I have done so far! We have spent two weeks on the road chasing waves at different locations along Morocco’s coastline. Surfing conditions were difficult in the first week. There wasn’t enough swell, waves were tiny, we didn’t get any decent surf for 7 days. Some days were challenging!

Surf Dakhla

We knew there was a new swell coming, we had a few days to kill before the swell arrive. We enjoyed doing other activities like sand boarding, visiting cultural sites … waiting for the new swell to arrive.
Sure enough, the first day of the swell was pretty solid and the wind was offshore. There was tubes where you could stand up tall. All the top spots in the Sahara desert come back to life. So we went from limited options to everything going off.

Surfifng sout Morocco
The swell was pumping all day everyday for the last six days of this trip.
My guests flew back from Dakhla Airport. I spent one more night in Dakhla then started making my way back to Agadir.

Camping site
What a great surf trip with great people from 🇦🇺 and the UK 🇬🇧 🌵🐪🏄


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