Epic surf spots in southern Morocco you’ve probably never heard of!

Check out our latest article where we shine a light on a few of the most epic surf spots in Southern Morocco you’ve probably never even heard of.

Finding the best surf spots in southern Morocco is easy… if you’ve got a guide that knows what they’re doing. Luckily for you Sahara Surf is that guide.

Armed with years upon years of experience locating and surfing waves in southern Morocco, the team at Sahara Surf can find you the best waves on any given day. There might be a little bit of driving involved and you’ve got to love wide open spaces. But when we roll up to pumping surf and you’re the only crew there, it’ll all be worth it.

Read about some of our favorite surf spots in southern Morocco below and let us know if you’ve been to any of them before. Alternatively, you can learn more about our surf trips in southern Morocco by clicking here.

Plage Blanche:

Do long beaches with numerous peaks and zero crowds make you froth at the mouth? Then Plage Blanche may just be your dream surf spot. Stretching for over 50 kilometers, “White Beach” as its translated to in English is located in the heart of an ecological park some 300 kilometers south of Agadir.

Getting here requires a 4×4 and some serious skills, since you’ll be driving through giant sand dunes, along dramatic cliffs and past verdant oases. It’s all part of the charm of Plage Blanche though. As is the isolation and the fact there are very little signs of human life. This makes it a real escape, where the only things that matter are the southeast offshore winds and its playful a-frame waves. 


Legzira is probably one of the most photographed surf spots in southern Morocco due to the stunning natural arch located there. If most of these photographers trained their lens on the ocean though, they’d also find a fun little beach break plus a challenging but accessible point-break. 

Both breaks are perfect for intermediates and experts, offering everything from gentle rollers to double overhead right-handers. In fact, the point break known as Tetrapods get super gnarly when the conditions line up. This means in addition to the natural beauty of Legzira, there’s also a chance you’ll score the waves of your life. If on the rare occasion the conditions don’t cooperate though, you’ll still come away with some unreal Instagram-worthy photos.

Tan Tan PlageTan Tan Plage is another beach where our 4×4 comes in handy. Primarily a lef-thand reef and sand bottom wave, Tan Tan Plage is the main beach near the city of Tan Tan. The waves here are best when it’s waist high plus with a southeast breeze and a southwest to north swell. 

While not one of the premium surf spots in southern Morocco, Tan Tan Plage has the potential to deliver some top-quality waves on its day. Expect to see the local crew tearing it up when the conditions are right and enjoy the relaxed vibe in the lineup. Just remember though, there aren’t too many places here where you can pick up a leggie if yours snaps or find a new fin in case of a breakage, so come prepared. 

 Boats Point: You can’t write an article about the best surf spots in Southern Morocco and not talk about boats point. Renowned for all the right reasons, boats point is hard to find and even harder to leave when it’s firing. For this reason, its earned an almost legendary reputation within the Moroccan surf community. 

Given the Boats Point faces northwest, a southeast wind is needed to groom the waves, while a decent pulse of swell from the north or west will ensure it breaks properly. It’s also essential that you book a surf guide such as Sahara Surf if you intend on surfing here, due to the fact that its somewhat difficult to find. A 4×4 is also necessary since the tracks are rougher than a cowboy’s stubble. 

The flip-side to its remoteness is that very few surfers venture here. This means there’s a good chance you’ll be the only surfers in the lineup when Boats Point turns on. 

Ready to embark on the Moroccan surf trip of a lifetime? Contact Sahara Surf today and ride some of the best surf spots in southern Morocco.

 Lachlan Campbell 

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