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The Africa Project – Surfing Morocco

  South African filmmaker Jason Hearn has spent the last two and half years documenting many top surfers riding thousands of perfect waves all over the coast of the African continent.  Morocco was one Jason’s main destinations and they scored epic waves from Anker’s going off to heavy barrels at some slabs.  The crew surfing […]

Morocco Best for Surf Travel

Morocco best for surf travel it’s official according to the article in Surfline which says ‘Morocco’s coastline has the widest swell exposure in the North Atlantic, and right now (and the next couple months) is the best time to be there… The first ten days of December should see a series of medium to occasionally […]

Surf Morocco, Surf Africa…

We’ve been chatting to the guy behind the site GoSurfAfrica.com, Mads Pedersen, about all things surf, Africa and his website.  If you’ve not been on the site it’s a huge resource for surfers on all the surfable countries in Africa.  The website was launched this summer (while his girlfriend was writing her thesis) and combines […]

Go Surf Africa – Morocco

Came across this site the otherday Go Surf Africa – cool site and some good info on surfing and travelling in Africa.  Africa has loads of wicked places to go adventure, explore and surf, Morocco has a huge coastline, dotted with secret spots and the best waves.  Come surf Africa, surf Morocco, surf Sahara!!