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Sahara Surf is the first surfing company to organise guided surf tours through the Moroccan Sahara desert, one of the richest and virgin surfing destinations on earth. Let us guide you through one thousand five hundred kilometres of ‘unsurfed’ coastline beyond flat lands and sand dunes, revealing endless Saharan secrets. Being in the Sahara is a humbling experience. Isolation, serenity, beautiful light and empty beaches make you feel like you’re in another world, one with top world class surf.

Our central Morocco surf tour takes in much more than Taghazout’s classic point breaks. Rather than staying in one place we will be surfing spots along the five hundred kilometres of coast, anywhere between Sidi Ifni in the south to Safi in the north, heading to where the surf is best. As well as experiencing the Moroccan surf you’ll also take in the beauty of Morocco, its culture and cuisine.

We want you to have the best surf experience here with us in Morocco. You’ll be guided by the most experienced local surf guides, our surf tours are done in luxury air conditioned vehicles and you’ll stay in specially selected accommodation. Maybe you’ll even get to surf one of the ten best barrels that exists on this planet. Jump with us and surf Morocco.

“Awesome trip, great waves and adventures. Hard to imagine there is a better guide in Morocco.. we will be back!”

Ben Freestone

CEO. Magicseaweed 

Dakhla -  The last Surfing Frontier

 With a massive 1600km of spectacular coast there are countless surf spots and epic waves to make this journey into the Sahara an unforgettable lifetime surf experience. Where the Sahara desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, the wild and rugged coastline to Dakhla hides secret barreling waves, deserted long boarding points breaks, A frame slabs, virgin beaches and no surfers.

Explore and uncover the secrets of surfing the Sahara with us. We have been surfing and surf guiding Morocco for over fifteen years, we know where to go so that you ‘ll score the best waves for the conditions we have. Be ready for a life time surf adventure.

You need a minimum of ten days for this trip. We set out from Agadir make our way down the coast toward Dakhla as city turns to countryside to desert dunes, we’ll surf some awesome surf spots along the way. If the surf conditions are good we might go as far as the border between Morocco and Mauritania. The final details of the trip will depend on the surf charts and will be explained in our office before we leave.

Camel kebabs are a typical Saharan food, delicious and healthy and there’s plenty of fresh fish perfect for a post-surf beach barbecue. Our chef Nourdine makes the most delicious  barbecues and tajines.

£680 GBP Per Person Per Week – All inclusive                                        

Dakhla tours: 
7 - 17 Dec 2015/ 1 seat left.  
29 Dec - 09 Jan 2016/ 1 seat left.  
4 - 14 Feb 2016 / 4 seats left.

Cape Juby

If you are time restricted but still want to experience  surfing the Sahara then the Cap Juby trip is for you.  On this trip you’ll get a taste for the Sahara as we take in at least 500km of coast south of Agadir, scoring waves at secret spots along the way as the landscape changes and Saharan desert dunes appear.

Starting out from Taghazout, we’ll go through Sidi Ifni and Tan Tan and check out the town of Tarfaya, sandwiched between the sand dunes and the sea.  Here surrounded by waves on all sides there’s a castle in the ocean – Casa Del Mar – as well as some great waves north and south of Tarfaya.

We will be taking in some places of stunning natural beauty,  surf the best waves, stay in  selected local accommodations or camp under millions of stars and you’ll taste the best camel meat barbecues and Tajines our Saharan  chef  makes.

£600 GBP Per Person Per Week – All inclusive

Cape Juby tours:  17 January - 23 January/ 2 seats left.


Central Morocco Surf Tour

This surf tour will take you along 500km of stunning coast between Safi 320km to the north and Sidi Ifni 150km to the south. On this trip you’ll take in more than the classic point breaks of Taghazout – not only will you stay and surf where the best conditions are for that day but you’ll also get to see and experience more of Morocco. Morocco’s crowned point break Safi is on the menu, if the swell is right for it, we will not hesitate to give it a go.

£600 GBP Per Person Per Week – All inclusive

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